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Fleur - Retro Lingerie - 10 minutes
This video starts with Fleur unzipping her dress and letting it drop to the floor revealing her crisp white bra and petticoat. Lifting her petticoat she shows her stocking tops and pantie girdle with white silk and lace french knickers over then removes the petticoat and rubs it on the bare flesh of her inner thighs whilst rubbing herself through her panties.
Anna - Retro Glamour 3 - 9 minutes
Anna slowly removes her full length lace dress and matching petticoat to reveal white stockings and full panties over a wide band suspender belt. Clutching her petticoat to her body she slowly removes her bra and panties to enjoy the feel of the lace as it teases against her bare flesh. Scene set to background music.
Maria and Ianna - The Coffee Mornings - 5 minutes
Neighbours Maria and Ianna enjoy more than a cappucino when they get together for their coffee mornings. These suburban housewives share a sexy secret...a fetish...a love for stockings, petticoats and lace lingerie and mutual spanking! Watch and enjoy as these naughty wives get their wicked way in this highly erotic and sensual spanking video.
Nikki - Petticoat Tease - 8 minutes
Pulling up her dress we get the first glimpse of Nikkis lovely pale blue lace petticoat with a tease of stocking top and white panties. Removing her dress she slips her petticoat down then rubs it between her legs and over her body, enjoying the feel as it glides over her soft skin and breasts. Scene set to background music.
Danielle and Nikki - Love Lace - 10 minutes
Danielle is helping her friends daughter, Nikki, get ready for the dance when, while straightening her stockings, Danielle realises that Nikki is turned on by her gentle touch. With both girls feeling extremely sexy they play with each others bodies through their lace garments, caressing each other to orgasm through their petticoats and panties.
Nikki - Petticoat Passion - 7:55 minutes
Now this is one very horny babe and what a body! Meet Nikki, a girl that really knows what turns her on and you too as she writhes on a bed of cushions in her stockings and petticoat. Watch as she removes her petticoat and panties then rubs it between her legs, her breathing and moaning quickening as the silk and lace hits just the right spot.
Fleur - Petticoat Fantasy - 10 minutes
Fleur feels amazing in her sexy black petticoat and seamed stockings. She loves the feel of the rough lace against her skin, especially when it rubs against the bare skin above her stocking tops. Watch as she takes off her petticoat and enjoys the feeling as it slides all over her beautiful body.
Anna - Retro Glamour 2 - 9:26 minutes
Anna removes her long flowery skirt to reveal a double layer of long lace petticoats, stockings, pantie girdle and corset. Watch as she removes her petticoats to tease and tantalise her body as she enjoys the feel of the lace against her skin. Scene set to background music.
Maria - Petticoat Tease - 10 minutes
Maria takes off her dress to tease and play in her petticoat and seamed black stockings. Wearing gloves she plays with her lovely body, rubbing herself through her petticoat then removing it to play through her soft silk panties. Scene set to background music.
Fleur - Wet Slip - 5 minutes
Fleur takes a shower and gives her stockings and slip a good soaking, making them see-thru and cling to her body. It looks as good as it must feel as she directs the shower to all the right places.


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