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Sexy Petticoats offers exactly what you'd expect, amazing photos and videos of women in sexy petticoats. Every video comes with a matching photoset and can be downloaded for future viewing or watched online. Check out some of the trailers below, you'll find them incredibly sexy and a teaser for what we have in store for you when you subscribe.
Anna and Amy - Amys First Time - 10 minutes
Rather raunchy girl girl video with both Anna and Amy dressed in stockings and beautiful lace petticoats. As Anna strokes Amy's petticoat and stockinged legs their passion gets the better of them. Amy's never felt this way with another woman before but no doubt will again very soon.
Kelly - Lady in Red - 10 minutes
Kelly floats down the stairs to reveal her red satin and black lace petticoat and cami top with matching cami knickers and black fully fashioned stockings. Taking off her dress she playfully teases and caresses her body with her petticoat. Scene set to background music.
Sandy - The Changing Room - 10 minutes

Sandy steps into the changing room and removes her skirt, top, petticoat and lace body to try some items of sexy lingerie on. After trying on some silk chemise and a baby doll she puts her clothes back on. Scene set to background music.

Anna and Michelle - Spanking Fetish - 10 minutes
Michelle confides in Anna that she'd like to spank and be spanked and Anna agrees to letting Michelle spank her bottom through her petticoat. Both girls enjoy the experience and soon Michelle's lifting Annas petticoat to give her 6 of the best on her bare bum before Anna returns the favour by spanking Michelle through her petticoat.
Brooke - All Frills - 5 minutes
The beautiful and very sexy Brooke models her five layered course lace petticoat, corset, fully fashioned stockings and gloves as she explains how she likes the feel of them against her body in this short but sexy video.
Anna and Fleur - Spank and Be Spanked - 10 minutes
The video starts with Anna pulling up Fleurs petticoat to reveal her stocking tops and the bottom of her panties before spanking her soft cheeks with the palm of her hand. Reversing roles soon has Fleur easing down Annas panties to reveal bare buttocks that are soon receiving a spanking of their own.
Fleur - Silky Tease - 5 minutes
Taking off her coat Fleur reveals she's gone out wearing only her petticoat, cami top, panties and stockings. It makes her feel so naughty knowing that she could be caught but she slowly slides off her petticoat and teases it over her beautiful breasts and between her legs. A real feast for the eyes.
Anna - Retro Glamour 1 - 10 minutes
Anna raises her polkadot dress and petticoat to play with the bare skin above her stockings, stroking the suspender straps and running her fingers down her legs in this retro video featuring classic lingerie from a bygone age. Scene set to background music.
Nikki McKnight - The Changing Room - 7:16 minutes
Nikki takes off her skirt and blouse to reveal her lovely stockings and girdle then tries on various petticoats before removing her bra to try on a sexy black cami top. Filmed from a static camera with background music.


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